A selection of scenes from various collaborations, showcasing both images and music, and demonstrating how they are intrinsically linked.

Swimming Thoughts. Final Thesis Film of Shayla Wyche from the SVA in New York. Music by me Premiered at the Dusty's Film Festival 2016

Composed for a short film about an elderly punjabi lady, and the culture shock that a move to Canada brings.
Film By Fran Bori of iwitnessedimages.com

Visually immersive awareness film from Iwitnessedimages. Music By Gareth Maudling

Trailer Music for the upcoming film 'Fir'

Cinematography by iwitnessedimages.com

Wake - A psychological Horror from LUMA Films. Director Kamil Iwanowicz

Soundscapes and end credits-Gareth Maudling.

A man finds himself in an abandoned purgatory

Short Horror from Luma Films. iwanowicz.ki@gmail.com


​Directed, shot & cut by Francesco Bori.

Soundscape by Me

This stop-motion short film tells the story about a little autistic boy called Vito. Music- Gareth Maudling. Sound by James Nolan. Animation by Angelique Bormuth

Composed for a short documentary about the 'Temporary Gallery' in Ontario, Canada. Checkout the gallery at www.museumoftemporaryart.com

An insight to the people, and natural History of the Bruce peninsula in Ontario, Canada.

Music composed for a short CGI Demo from Steven Umanee. The second idea was chosen for the final presentation.