New 2022 Composer Showreel

Music composed for a short CGI Demo from Steven Umanee. The second idea was chosen for the final presentation.

Composed for a short film about an elderly punjabi lady, and the culture shock that a move to Canada brings.
Film By Fran Bori of

Visually immersive awareness film from Iwitnessedimages. Music By Gareth Maudling

A selection of scenes from various collaborations, showcasing both images and music, and demonstrating how they are intrinsically linked.

Wake - A psychological Horror from LUMA Films. Director Kamil Iwanowicz

Soundscapes and end credits-Gareth Maudling.

A man finds himself in an abandoned purgatory

Short Horror from Luma Films.

This stop-motion short film tells the story about a little autistic boy called Vito. Music- Gareth Maudling. Sound by James Nolan. Animation by Angelique Bormuth

Composed for a short documentary about the 'Temporary Gallery' in Ontario, Canada. Checkout the gallery at

An insight to the people, and natural History of the Bruce peninsula in Ontario, Canada.


​Directed, shot & cut by Francesco Bori.

Soundscape by Me